To be a reference laboratory in Spain for pediatric HIV research and the evaluation of new diagnostic techniques, fostering international health cooperation in countries that need it most.


Study the pediatric HIV epidemic worldwide and contribute to universalizing HIV diagnosis and treatment in resource-limited countries by promoting the introduction of more effective molecular techniques, the use of alternative samples (DBS), and new diagnostic methods based on nanotechnology through various research projects.


+ Training and technology transfer
+ International cooperation


Name: África Holguín

Position: Head of the HIV Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory
Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research (IRYCIS)
Ramón y Cajal University Hospital of Madrid - CIBERESP - RITIP

Background: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

What drives me: Working for a better world.

Strengths: Initiative, perseverance, work capacity, leadership.

My hobbies: My family, volunteering, learning, traveling.

Weird but true: Social media is not my thing.

My motto: "We already have the 'no.' The 'yes' is what we seek."

Links of interest: AFRICA HOLGUIN - Scholar

Name: Ana Rodríguez Galet

Position: Predoctoral student.

Background: Bachelor's degree in Biology and Master's in Microbiology applied to Public Health and Research in Infectious Diseases.

What drives me: Learning new things that can help improve society.

Strengths: Cooperative, responsible, strong-willed.

My hobbies: Traveling and exploring new cultures, reading, spending time with my people.

Weird but true: I can spend hours in the water, turning into a chickpea.

My motto: "Don't take anything seriously that doesn't make you laugh."

Name: Ana Valadés Alcaraz

Position: Predoctoral student.

Background: Bachelor's degree in Biology and Master's in Virology.

What drives me: A job that I enjoy and that allows me to help others at the same time.

Strengths: Passion, perfectionism, and patience.

My hobbies: Reading, dancing, and photography.

Weird but true: I love mathematics.

My motto: "There is always something to dream for, something to fight for."

Name: Paloma Troyano Hernáez

Position: Predoctoral student.

Background: Medical specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology. Master's in Microbiology and Parasitology: research and development.

What drives me: Learning to understand.

Strengths: Curiosity, perseverance, creativity, and enthusiasm.

My hobbies: Painting, writing, embroidery, and learning Japanese.

Weird but true: I often find myself thinking out loud.

My motto: "Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected."

Name: Roberto Reinosa Fernández.

Position: Bioinformatics collaborator.

What drives me: Learning everything I can to understand my surroundings and help others.

Strengths: I'm good at problem-solving.

My hobbies: Self-study.

Weird but true: I don't like even numbers.

My motto: "What if...?"

Name: Judit Ventosa Cubillo

Position: Research Assistant.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Biology. Master's degree in Virology.

What drives me: Overcoming myself every day by learning new things.

Strengths: Finishing what I start no matter how hard it is, perseverance, and dedication.

My hobbies: Watching series, listening to music, and baking.

Weird but true: I don't like going shopping.

My motto: "Always move forward"

Name: Carlos Medina Sánchez

Position: Master's student in Virology in training.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Health Biology.

What drives me: Fighting for the goals I set for myself.

Strengths: Ambition, responsibility, imagination, and teamwork.

My hobbies: Sports and traveling.

Weird but true: I really like art history, and that's why I wanted to be an architect before.

My motto: "We've faced worse situations"


Mario González

Molecular Biologist DEA. Master's in Terrorism Phenomenology. Graduate of CESEDEN.

Marina Rubio Garrido

Degree in Biology. Master's in Microbiology and Parasitology. Ph.D. in Microbiology.

Judit Méndez Izquierdo

Degree in Biology.

Carolina Beltrán Pavez

Biochemistry from USACH (Chile), Doctorate in Biotechnology.

Miguel Gutiérrez López

Degree in Biology.

Pedro Herrador

Research Technician.

Ana Sierra

Data Scientist

Teresa Llácer Delicado

Pharmacist. FIR Specialist in Industrial and Galenic Pharmacy.

Lucía Chacón


Patricia Álvarez Muñoz

Biologist. Doctor in Molecular Biology.

Patricia Rojas

Biologist. Doctor in Molecular Biology.

Sara Domínguez Rodríguez

Doctor in biology.

Ángel Martín

Research Technician.

Carolina Fernández McPhee


Esther Torrecilla

Doctor in biology.

Mª Concepción Burgos​ Ballester


Jaime Fernández


Oxana Castro


Gonzalo Yebra

Doctor in biology.

Miguel de Mulder

Doctorin biology.

Leticia Martín Torres

Research Technician.

Eva Ramirez de Arellano

Doctor in biology.

A day in EpimolVIH


The Ramón y Cajal Institute of Health Research (IRYCIS) represents a collaborative partnership among the Hospital, its Foundation, and the universities of Alcalá, Autonomous of Madrid, and Complutense. This synergy consolidates the efforts of researchers and resources into a unified center dedicated to achieving excellence in biomedical research.

Our shared goal is to harness the collective knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals alongside the capabilities of both basic and clinical researchers. This collaboration aspires to foster biomedical research that is not only more ambitious and competitive but also of the highest quality. The ultimate aim is to significantly contribute to advancements in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, enhance overall quality of life, and drive innovation in the realm of healthcare.


More than 1000 public and private projects, including European projects.

More than 1000 active clinical trials.

Participation in more than 20 national and international networks and consortia.

More than 1,300 annual publications.

108 active innovation projects.
160 active competitive projects.